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Apr 17, 2014

Axel Springer accuses Google of seeking digital ‘superstate’

In an open letter to Google chief, Mathias Döpfner writes: “Google not only knows where we're going in our cars but also what we do while we’re driving. Forget Big Brother – Google is better!”

Apr 17, 2014

Spain welcomes mass return of tourist euros

UN World Tourism Organisation forecasts that international tourist arrivals will grow on average by an annual 3.3 per cent in the two decades between 2010 and 2030

Apr 17, 2014

Face of Irish crisis cleared of loan fraud

Verdict is likely to increase the pressure on the government to hold a public inquiry into the collapse of the Irish banking system

Apr 17, 2014

Corporate knights avoid long knives in pursuit of honours

Study shows that company bosses are less likely to cut jobs to boost profits if they are in line for a knighthood, for fear of drawing the ire of politicians and the public

Apr 17, 2014

Time is not on Renzi’s side in reforming Italy’s economy

International investors give Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi three months to back up reforms

Apr 17, 2014

Bonus feature: Surviving the success of others

When hidden and not managed, envy can damage a company’s operational and financial performance

Apr 17, 2014

Bonus video: Working class key to EM growth

There are 1bn working-class consumers who are of increasing importance to emerging markets growth. Tassos Stassopoulos, portfolio manager of AllianceBernstein’s emerging consumer fund, explains why

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