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Nov 21, 2014

Anonymous groups that bet against Quindell and Blinkx unmasked

Web of Cayman shell companies lead back to Tiger Global - which has become one of the world’s best performing hedge funds. It has long been closed to new money and is so discreet that it does not even reveal its short positions in its written updates to its investors

Nov 21, 2014

Goldman fires staff for alleged NY Fed breach

Former banker accused of accessing confidential information from former employer - the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Goldman says: 'We have zero tolerance for improper handling of confidential information'

Nov 20, 2014

US retail groups shop at home rather than abroad

Rise in domestic deals follows unsuccessful foreign acquisitions. US retail is littered with examples of those that have stumbled trying to move beyond domestic shores, for example, Walmart’s high-profile effort to crack the German market

Nov 21, 2014

Fat places $2tn burden on world economy, says McKinsey report

Estimate is based on loss of economic productivity, costs to healthcare systems and investment required to mitigate the impact of obesity. The cost to the world economy of armed conflict, war and terrorism is $2.1tn, similar to that levied by smoking

Nov 21, 2014

Obama ready to bring up to 5m unauthorised workers out of the shadows

Blockages in the sclerotic legal immigration system have left the US dependent on unauthorised immigrants who – even if not universally recognised – work the lettuce fields of California, meat plants of Alabama and restaurant kitchens of Manhattan

Nov 21, 2014

Bonus feature: Food supply - uncharted waters

Consumption of farmed seafood is set to exceed that of wild fish, but the sector faces scrutiny over sustainability issues. Along with disease and pollution, the other big problem facing the seafood industry is rising costs

Nov 21, 2014

Bonus video: Square to launch free Register app worldwide

Jack Dorsey is co-founder of Twitter and chief executive of Square, the mobile payments service. He talks to FT editor Lionel Barber about the online payments industry and how a new app launched by Square could help small businesses

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