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Below is a list of featured content recommended for you to read and comment on.

Jul 7, 2015

Unyielding eurozone gives Athens last chance

The European Central Bank may have to ask eurozone leaders to guarantee Greek government debt for use as collateral to maintain its liquidity lifeline. Greece’s banks will remain shut until at least Thursday. 'Grexit is on everyone’s lips, but no one is actually saying it,' said one senior official

Jul 7, 2015

American Apparel to cut costs and jobs as it warns on funding

US fashion group’s shares tumble after it says there is ‘no guarantee’ on financing for next year. Company’s market value and public image has been battered by allegations of financial mismanagement and sexual harassment against founder

Jul 7, 2015

Google’s Waze tests carpooling app in Israel

US search group’s navigation business launches RideWith pilot. The app connects drivers with commuters who travel to work on similar routes. Drivers who can offer a ride will receive a notification if someone wishes to join them, and can choose whether or not to accept a passenger

Jul 7, 2015

Profit warning strikes at Rolls-Royce’s core

Fresh downgrade to earnings stems from problems at the UK aerospace and defence’s civil aerospace unit, its largest revenue generator. Profits guidance has been the bane of Rolls-Royce for the past 18 months

Jul 7, 2015

Low rates weigh on insurers even as it feeds their merger mania

Cheap borrowing and efficiency seeking fuel a boom in M&A with 2015 on track to be a record year. Although, insurance remains a fragmented sector, particularly in the US. Mutually owned companies are numerous, keeping pressure on commercially owned underwriters to cut costs to remain competitive

Jul 7, 2015

Bonus feature: How rumour and gossip oil the wheels of office life

Back-channel chatter can have helpful and harmful consequences, writes psychotherapist Naomi Shragai. To quash rumours, organisations are advised to share as much information as quickly as they can. Often it is waiting that forces people to spread gossip

Jul 7, 2015

Bonus video: The future of thermal coal

Depressed prices, falling demand from China and growing concern about climate change are all weighing heavily on coal. The FT's Jamie Smyth visits Abbot Point, the Queensland port that is the frontline in the battle for the future of the coal industry

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